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okay guys..currently im using i7-2600k with DP67BG board. Ive read some reviews about my board, and it seems that they can't handle high OC very well. So im looking forward to upgrade my board as im planning to use my processor as long as i im stuck between the choices of sabertooth z77/p67 or maximus....

what i'd really like to know is, for the price difference between sabertooh z77/p67, how is the z77 is superior compared to p67 other than the smart caching function?

as for the maximus iv/v, would all the extra features benefit me in terms of future-proofing?

and lastly, from this benchmark:

i dont think pci-e 3.0 won't be really matter for about 2-3 years i dont care if it is 6-series or 7-series....(im using 2nd gen core anyway :P)

budget isn't really tight, but trying to save as best as i can...

so, all the masters out there, which board is the best?
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  1. Sabertooth ! I have had mine over a year and it has been flawless and stands up to a lot of use - picture editing changing hard drives, and web intensive use. It is without a doubt the best board for the money and most reliable too ! !
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