After start up blue screen appears in window 7

i don't know my computer was working nicely and i suddenlty press the f11 while restarting my pc and than everything went black it start but after showing hp invent , a blue screen appears , *** the hp company everything is worst of this company , my expection were higher with this company , but now i will never buy this comapny product, many problem like computer get too much heated while running , fan make alot of noise hp service centre of china is the worst place , i will curse to this hp people
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  1. maybe it is memory problem
  2. There is a severe lack of specifics in this thread which you will need to provide before you get any form of a decent/helpfull answer.

    1) On the bios splash screen what exactly does it say F11 is the key for? (im expecting boot options/bios)
    2) What is the model of your PC/when did you buy it (there may be defects with the specific models hardware)
    3) Does the blue screen stay there or does it flash and shutdown/cycle (if it stays there what 0X error codes do you recieve)
    4) What OS are you running?

    As a possiblity this could just be static build up, remove the power cable from your towers PSU and then hold the power button down for 15-20 seconds, put the cable back in and try again.

    Another option is whether or not you are able to enter the bios or advanced boot options. By default F8 is the key to enter advanced boot options, from here you can try safemode/disable automatic restart, these will help diagnose your problem.

    Please respond with the results and this will help narrow down the cause of your issue so we can advise on the best course of action.

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  4. Multiple post, works network failing to notify of successfull post; sorry
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