Dell Optiplex GX280 New Mobo won't support my cpu

I bought a replacement mobo for a dell optiplex gx280 and it won\'t support the cpu. The southbridge chipset is an intel SL7AG, what cpu should I get?
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  1. which exact motherboard is it? Model # socket # etc.
  2. Dell Optiplex GX-280 P4 Skt 775 MotherBoard Tray G5611 #380357093257‏
    this was the listing off of ebay
  3. Well which cpu is it?
  4. SL7J8 INTEL P4 w/HT 3.4GHz 1M 800MHz Socket 775 CPU‏
    This is what I purchased off of ebay as well...different seller. This is the one that is giving me the unsupported processor error
  5. amuffin said:
    Well which cpu is it?

    Did you have a chance to look at my last post? I would appreciate any help you could give...thanks
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