Fried motherboard?

I have 6 year old pc and recently i cannnot get it to boot. When i start it up all fans and everything start up but no display. I took my 250Gt out and plugged my monitor to the integrated graphics and still nothing. i also tried another monitor and still nothing.

In order to turn off my pc i have to unplug it. when i try to power down the pc holding the power button it just makes the fans go insanely fast.

Ive tried tried the No post No Boot No video output checklist and still cannot get it to work. I know this is a hardware issue just need to figure out what i need to replace.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you
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  1. You need to do the power supply check in the checklist.
  2. Just checked the PSU and its fine
  3. Can you disconnect the reset button from the motherboard header and try that?
  4. Yea ive tried that also, still no luck. The motherboards toast im assuming.
  5. Could it be the CMOS battery?
  6. Sorry mate, i have to say this sounds like the motherboard has fried :/ but 6 years.. wow! perhaps you need an upgrade anyway?
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