Does ddr3 of ram really necessary?

guys im only after the latest games.and im using an am2 mobo(so its ram is ddr2), is it really necessary to buy a new mobo that uses ddr3..or could i just buy a new proce and videocard?
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  1. It is not needed but you might need to if you upgrade to a new motherboard/processor that only uses them. If you are happy with your current performance then no need to change anything
  2. You want to play the latest games and you have decided to limit yourself to a dead and aging platform? At this point it isn't even about the RAM, its more the CPU.

    If you want to keep up, you need relatively new hardware, that simple.
  3. RAM tied up with mobo u use, it necessary if the mobo only support DDR3. ...

    It will better if buying new platform (mobo + ram + proc) or vga card....
  4. haha in other words i need a total that what your saying guys?
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    Don't buy the DDR3 it not much improvement from your DDR2 right now....

    and yeah full overhaul will be the best for the money u will spend....
  6. My experience with my 1100T when I was using it on a DDR2 platform, It was decent, even in gaming with DDR2 800mhz. Since I moved to a newer board with DDR3 memory I didn't notice much improvement over DDR3, Only thing I noticed that was an improvement was on the DDR3 1600mhz ram I can OC the CPU-NB higher and gain more performance over the DDR2 memory where I could only get 2400mhz stable. DDR3 with a CPU-NB at 2899mhz I noticed a big difference not only in desktop usage, but in games the FPS gains were their.
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