Help on buying: which is better laptop for similar price?

I am trying to decide on similarly priced entry laptop between the two below:

(1) Gateway - Laptop / AMD E-Series Processor / 15.6" Display / 2GB Memory / 320GB Hard Drive - NV51B25U

(2) Toshiba - Satellite Laptop / Intel® Pentium® Processor / 15.6" Display - C655-S5314

I am confused on processors because they are different types and people have different opinion on that.

The laptop is to be used for (in order of most usage):

1) Skyping
2) Web surf/ web video watching, games
3) DVD watching/ music
4) Word/Excel
5) other stuff

Skype and web surf will probably be done at simultaneously.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. First what is with AMD processor Gateway:
    Pro : graphic card ( games )
    Cons : just 2GB memor
    Toshiba :
    pro : 3 GB memory
    If you wanna play on your laptop go with Gateway and it will be good if you upgrade the memory to 3 or 4GB.
  2. Definitely go for the AMD, E-series are APU's that have a on-CPU graphics 'card'.
    It will also have a much better battery life aswell.

    Adds 2GB of Sodim identical memory to it though. RAM is very cheap these days so one doesn't really consider it when buying low end laptops.
  3. Both are fairly basic
    1 has better graphics and battery life
    2 has more CPU power (still not much) and more RAM
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