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I have an old pc it was a pre-built and i figured out i wanted to maybe work with computers one day so as a small project i was going to attempt to fix it at minimal cost. The pc is a gateway LX6200-01 and the motherboard says its a RS780g.But when i look at the motherboard manual there are some differences between my motherboard and the one in the manual. Anyways i just wanted to get it working cheapest way possible. It has the no signal to monitor problem but ive tried reseating ram clearing CMOS i even bought a cheap video card and another CPU well after this it still has the same problem. The Pc turns on but goes right to standby mode and the monitor goes to power saving mode. I've checked the monitor I'm going to check the voltage on the PSU soon. Does any 1 have answers or some useful info i could use. Its looking like new motherboard but im still hoping there something else. I've looked for indications of a Fried motherboard but i havent found any. Suggestions?

No its not an ASUS its a Foxconn i believe.
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  1. Here's a list of common reasons for a "no display" concern:

    1. Bad RAM
    2. Short circuit, usually between motherboard and case
    3. Bad signal cable on monitor
    4. Incorrect overclock
    5. Bad display adapter
    6. Bad mobo
    7. Dead CMOS battery

    We have a troubleshooting guide on this forum that was put together to address some of the more common boot problems. Click on the link in my signature to see the guide.
  2. to check if the board is still alive, removes rams, power on the unit, if you hear longbeeps youre pretty sure the board is okay, then swapping rams until you hear a good beep or normal boot beep, to eliminate a bad ram!!
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