Plz hlp new build

hey guys im building a system running a

i7 2600k
asus p67 r3 sabertooth
16gb corsair vengence ddr3 4 x 4
western digital 1tb hdd
hyper cpu cooler 212+
case thermaltake v9 black edition
LG dvd drive and writer 24x
windows 7 home prem

now i wanted to know what card to use between gtx 560ti, gtx 560 2gb, gtx 570, or ati 6950 cards i want to play empire total war with maxed out graph settings and run smooth now based on the components to do this and star wars old republic mmo coming out soon to play it what do you guys reccommend? will this system run empire total war at max settings? and what card would you guys reccommend to do that for that game? are there anymore recommendations for this system i could add or change to accomplish this? the last component for me to buy is the graphics card. i use this system only for gaming and mmo gaming is the goal for this system bought all other parts from new egg spent already $875 without the card vs microcemters 1575 from the system with the card plz hlp.
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