6950 DCII Out of Stock. Silent alternative?


I am in hunt for 2 6950 cards for crossfire, as 6950 DCII 2GB models are out of stock everywhere (german sites)

My priorities are:

1. Silence
2. Performance
3. Stability
4. OCability
5. Temperatures

I have these cards in mind:

Sapphire 6950 Dirt3 Edition
MSI 6950 Twin Frozr II/OC or III/OC
Gigabyte 6950 Windforce-3x
HIS 6950 Ice Q X Turbo

So, which one will be the most silent?
I will run 2-way crossfire on a p8p67 Deluxe in a HAF-X case.
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  1. The Twin Frozr II and III have better cooling than the Asus DCII.Lower temps mean that they will be quieter.Also the MSI Twin Frozr's don't take up 3 slots so it's even better for a crossfire setup.
  2. Purple Stank - Sorry to say it, but they don't - at least from the reviews that i've read.
  3. It's a difference of 5c.





    When you put them in crossfire the Asus ones will be much hotter because theirs no gap between the cards.With the MSI Twin Frozr's they only take up 2 slots so their will be a slot between each card allowing the top card to breath better.
  4. If you can't wait till they're back in stock go with the Frozr III, Me ? I'd wait.
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