Can someone identify this RAM???

I have 8 qty 32MB DIMMS (256MB) that came from a server.

All I can guess is that they are 5v, PC66?, and buffered.

Advantage is the manufacturer but no part # is on the memory.

There are 18 memory chips on one side w/ the buffer chip in the middle (both sides).

On the chips are:

9722 L USA (top line)
MT4LC4M4E9DJ (next line)
-6 (next line)

Any ideas ?? Anyone want this for next to nothing?
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  1. AST / Advantage web site?
  2. Drew here is some info for you.
    The chips look to be made by Micron...MT (Micron Tech)

    (go to)

    Here is my interpetation:
    MT =Micron
    M4= megabits
    E9=Device Version ?

    -6 = Access time = 60ns

    Hope this helps...
  3. jaw1... your awesome! Thanks!

    My workplace was about to throw it in the trash. They were also throwing out a DVC 323 Kodak webcam and case of FIC 503+ motherboards (brand new, ok...never used).

    I only managed to get my hands on 2 motherboards. Anyone want one?

    Anyway, do you think this ram may work with the 503+? The only other marking on the ram is a sticker "32MB EDO".

    I won't need all of it.

    jaw1... for helping me out you have first dibbs... I'll sell you a 503+ and 128MB of this ram for $40

    Heck pick up a few more parts and create your own TIVO box & stick it next to your TV in your living room.

    Thanks again,
    I have
  4. Drew
    Yes I am interested in picking up MB! I can build a system for my kids...

    I wonder if the memory works with the MB?

    email me at
  5. Sucks that you only got 2 of those motherboards.... should have got them all, could have sold them ......
  6. woahhh... slow down there RAM pirate... did you say that there was a sticker on the RAM that said "32MB EDO"... I would trade a butt hair for that crap man... You can get that dirt cheap anywhere. EDO memory on a DIMM is like the dumbest idea since the Dodge Shadow. I've seen EDO memory on DIMMs before- a LONG time ago and it didn't last long... those motherboards are solid Socket 7 boards though.

    -MP Jesse
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