Asrock z68 pro 3 multi monitor enabled screen of death

Hi guys,

Recently I formatted my PC. But I have a problem if I want to use my 2nd monitor (dual screen)

It's VGA and when I connect it, it says "no input".

Bios setting of multi monitor is disabled atm.
When I try to put it on ENABLED I get a bluescreen. :(

Can anyone help me with this.

System: Motherboard: Asrock Z68 Pro 3
Graphics ATI Radeon HD 6950
intel i5

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I'm assuming you were trying to connect the second monitor to the motherboard, instead of the GPU. If this is the problem, then the reason the second monitor wasn't receiving signal is because the BIOS is very likely set to read from your PCI-E slot(s) when they're occupied. Try using a VGA to DVI adapter. Sometimes they're included with the GPU.
  2. on a clean install of windows. make sure you download and install the intel chipset drivers for the mb first and then reboot.
    then go to intel web page and download the ipgpu/cpu chipset drivers. the ib drivers are the 2500/4000 third gen chipset drivers the sandy bridge ones are second gen. make sure you did not install Lucid Virtu ver: software that software is buggy and will cause blue screen. if you did uninstall it and then reboot. you should then be able to turn on the onboard gpu without any issue.
  3. Thanks for they replies.

    Virtu was installed, but I uninstalled it.
    So my first monitor is connected with DVI to my video card slot. DVI
    I want to connect my 2nd screenVGA to VGA from the motherboard (I guess)

    Im going to try instal the intel drivers.

    Btw, i tries something else now. 1ste screen HDMI to HMDI of video card
    2nd screen VGA to DVI of video card

    This works. But there is a little problem. The max resolution i can choose is 1680x1050 and my screen is 1920 x 1200 in Catalyst control center.

    When I set HDTV on 1080p i have bit blurry resolution and black borders around the whole screen.

    Last question: Is it better to connect 2 screen to my video card or is it better to connect 1 to video card and 1 to the motherboard.

    Thanks for the help!
  4. hmm. I always heard you MUST connect both monitors to the same device (GPU) if you want to use both at the same time. This allows for Extended desktop or Duplicate. If this isn't the case, then I'm curious to see how your scenario plays out.

    Currently I have 2 monitors and they both are connected to my GPU's DVIs.
  5. Well, before my format it worked. VGA to my motherboard. and DVI to my GPU.

    When I start my pc I see on both screens the introscreen of the motherboard.
    Before I only saw it on my main screen. But it's solved right now with HDMI.
    But my resolution is not perfect :(
  6. You are saying that you have two monitors running at the same time. One is connected to your mobo and the other through your GPU. Right?
  7. Now they are both connected to my GPU ( 1 hdmi and 1 DVI)
  8. Are you connecting your computer through another device? For example, trying to setup a HTPC?
  9. FireOG said:
    Now they are both connected to my GPU ( 1 hdmi and 1 DVI)

    So what is the outcome?
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