FOR THE LOVE OF GOD i cannot find a way to update my bios into a current bios....motherboard is asus p8z77 v pro. and running 1015 bios and try to update to recent one..and i cant seem to freaking fine a solid asus update tool to use . It either a scam download, or a addon with bunch of advertise , or it doesnt load . i finally found the software from asus but when i click set up..nothing happen ...it just said installshield blah blah blah and then the window disappear and doesnt start install anything...

PS. i already download the recent bios version

download this but it just said cnnot find asus motherboard...wtf !!!

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  2. solve.....just burn the bios into cd rom and then go to ex flash and flash it from there...and it working now...most recent bios version for asus p8z77 v- pro is 1504 just so any user know....
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