Reinstalled and can't find wireless networks.

Hi everyone, I got a pretty big problem here. I reinstalled the OS on this HP pavillion ZE2000 and cannot get it to connect wireless for the life of me. I don't have a driver CD and went to the site where the drivers are located.

I downloaded all of the network drivers and ported them over via flash drive and installed them (I think. I clicked they all worked.) I still have nothing. I'm just wondering how I can get it to see the connections available so I can get this thing online. I'm running XP SP3 on it. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Go Windows Control Panel and click on Network Connections then click on any networks that are listed. If none go with the Networking Wizard.

    You can check that your network adapter(s) are installed and working by going Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager.
  2. Done, I looked and they are all ? marks with an ! next to them. I try to reinstall but since I have no internet connection it doesn't know where to find them. I pulled the ones off of the first posts link onto the desktop and ran the exe and restarted but still nothing. Maybe I needed to place them somewhere else?

    It's just saying cannot find any wireless networks and I have one I just can't figure out how to get it to see a list that I can select from.

    EDIT EDIT: I got the windows disk in and it gives the option to set up connection, it says the hardware is not installed.
  3. The Windows disk will probably contain a driver for your ethernet adapte. Install that driver. Connect to your router using an ethernet cable in the network socket.

    The Windows disk will probably not include a driver for your wireless adapter. The HP site should have a driver for it.
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