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Hey guys my name's Steve and have always been a bit of a lurker picking up tips here and there :) . I'm looking to build a new pc but am how ever a bit short on time and money which i will explain in a moment. I've been an avid tinker for quite a while normally bodging a PC together from old parts from friends due to cash constraints but that has now changed and found my self with some extra income on its way. So now my friends have asked me to join them when BF3 is released on PC I've been playing BFBC2 on Xbox but now its time for a change.

So i have until BF3 release date to get a rig that can play.

I have around £500 to play with for the system I'm not expecting a top a range but something between medium and high performance.

My current system

Core 2 due 1.8ghz
Micro-Star MS-7255 V2.0 2.0
2gb RAM
radeon HD4670
500GB 7200 sata HD
Windows xp

Now since im not sure i am able to get all the parts i need before said release date I'm looking to possible do a rolling upgrade starting with Ram(which I'm not sure if current mobo supports) windows 7 now im not sure what is currently bottle necking my system out of cpu and gfx card ideally i'm hoping upgrading my gfx card will add a temporary UMF! to my system while i get the fund to update my mobo and cpu. So here is my upgrade list which ofc can be changed pending advice from you guys TY for your help and patience my English formatting isn't the best. Also this mobo is locked so unable to do any OC to improve my cpu :(

I am using Ebuyer as reference as i usually buy from them happy to buy from other vendors. I don't normally do any OC so I'm not too bothered there either




GFX: Not too sure on this one if anyone knows a better card for around £150 let me know!

Case and PSU: cheaply made i'm ok with that will also fit with fans ofc and]

thank you for your patience. :)
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  1. There is not a lot of point in that CPU with that motherboard, you can't do much overclocking on H61 and the i5-2500k is designed for overclocking. Also i dont think everything is going to fit in that case and even if it does you are not going to get very good airflow. You also have way too much power in your PSU.

    I would go for a build like this: (Prices from

    8GB Corsair XMS3
    Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2V-B3
    Xigmatek Midgard White Knight (£30 on Ebuyer, that is a steal)
    Antec Earthwatts 500W
    XFX HD 6870 (Noticeablely better than a GTX 460)

    This is assuming you can keep your old hard drive and DVD drive, if you can't then change to CPU to i3-2100 and get them.

    EDIT: That build would give the same CPU performance but with a better PSU, a better graphics card and a better case. Also it's cheaper.
  2. wow that has shaved £80 off! i am using the same dvdr and hard drive but just a quick question about the many available these days! i've been using ati for a few years now and have always known nvidia users to have less driver issues in games. Also how does the 560 OC edition compare to the 6870? as ive just realised the 560 OC is the SAME price as the 460 OC which seems a bit crazy to me. Also that case is beautiful :).

    Thanks for your advice if you cant tell i'm a bit out of the loop on current hardware :)
  3. 560 OC is pretty much the same as the HD 6870. I would try to get the Ti version of the 560 since you have the cash then. That would be a bit better than the HD 6870.

    EDIT: Also yes I can't believe how cheap that case is at Ebuyer, an equivalent case is double the price. I think you would probably be able to play BF3 at ultra high settings @1920x1080 with i5-2400 and GTX 560Ti. I'm doing BFBC2 on a non overclocked 460 easily anyway.
  4. Thank you :) if i can find a TI for a similar price I'll get it other wise i'll grab the 6870 since its probably a case of 5fps here and there between the various cards :) thanks again :)
  5. That modular Antec is good for the price.
  6. yes strangely enough thats the one i've added to my shopping list lol :) ty guys if u think of anything that could reduce the cost but keep pretty much the same performance let me know :)
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