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(NEWB) Asking for advice on ATI Graphics Cards

I am building a PC, it will be a semi-gaming rig (meaning i will play games in my free time, but not religiously), and I have been shopping around for graphics cards. While it would be nice to have a Radeon 5970, that is extremely out of the question. I was looking at the 6790s and i like the 256 bit BUS, but the price (140-160s) is a little high, but I guess i could pay it if there was an extreme outcry for me to acquire one.

I was thinking though, for the price of that one card, I could easily crossfire 2 weaker cards and possibly get equal if not better performance.

I was asking the community, because i was looking for recommendations on any video cards (ATI/AMD cards). I would like 1080p resolution at 50 or greater fps, but all I need is 60+ fps at 720. This could be on either a 23in or 22in monitor (if this matters).

If i don't need a card as powerful as the 6790, then let me know, or if i could get better performance for cheaper in one card/crossfire let me know. Let me know if the 256 pin interface is irrelevant to my gaming needs as well.

my budget is around 120-140 (less than this is perfectly fine), but could be as high as 150 (if SIGNIFICANTLY better)

i have a Corsair GS 700 watt power supply (overkill is underrated), and I don't OC. I have a Phenom II x4 3.2 GHz (not BE)

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    For 1280x720 the HD 5770/6770 is probably a decent choice. The 6790 is overpriced and not really worth it compared to the GTX 460 variations from nvidia.

    For 1920x1080 the HD 6850 is decent if you don't mind lowering the settings once in a while. The 6950 1GB is probably ideal to max out most games.

    256 bit bus doesn't mean that much for the 6790 considering the GTX 460 768 with a 192 bit interface is significantly faster (same price too).
  2. what are the power requirements of the GTX 460 and how much more heat does it create than its Radeon counterpart?

    I would rather have a cooler computer with slightly less performance vs. slight performance and 10+C temp. (as an FYI)
  3. The GTX 460 draws like 22 more watts than the 6790 but runs cooler:

    The HD 6790 is a pretty crappy card for the price...
  4. could i crossfire anything for better results at the same price/cheaper?
  5. No. The 460 is the most fps/dollar at this moment.
  6. is there a big difference/deal between open GL 3.2 vs 4.1?
  7. OGL is for architectural software and games on non-Windows platforms such as PS3 and Mac (both garbage) for the most part. The vast majority of games will be D3D/DX based as they are designed for Windows/Xbox.

    Games are almost always D3D though sometimes there is an OGL version (such as SC II).
  8. hmmm, I like the price of the 5770,

    Is there a significant difference between the 5770 and the 460GX 1gb?

    also, i notice the stream processors are lower on the 460s vs the Radeons,

    how does that factor in to the performance?
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  10. Going to get locked....

    The 460 beats the piss out of the HD 5770.

    SP from different companies means nothing. Look at benchmarks and use google.
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