Shuttle sn68sg2 vid card upgrade question

Hello friends, My issue is I just bought a 32" monitor & it's causing my vid card to melt down. It's a Zotac 8800gt (lowprofile) and has been great until now.
I only play 2 games, eve-online & Portal. The real work I do is my video editing & podcast production.
What can someone reccomend that is new, will fit in my box, won't overheat, & PCi-ex?

I tried looking on shuttle and their suggestions are no longer in production.
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  1. forgot to say, "please help me"
  2. Well We can help you find a card that will fix in you'r Box if you can tell us what size or model. Also can we have more details on your PSU Brand,PCI-E power cables, Wattage
  3. @illfindu thanks for the reply. For some reason my sig didnt show with all gear.
    Shuttle Sn68s2 specs:( )
    The PSU, PCI-e stock Shuttle gear. The only thing internally from Shuttle I changed was the 92mm fan. I went to a better air moving model with 3 speed options so I can control the bg noise when in production.

    I used to have a little trouble firing up the shuttle from dead as I think I'm pressing the power consumption. It says 250w but I know its at least 350w as one of their techs told me they have tested it successfully up to 350w.
    The other option I could do if stuck is upgrade to the 300w psu which can do at least 400w.
  4. One other thing. Do you thinks its possible to run a different psu outside4 of the box? Might help with temp & also getting a larger power source.
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