Final Help Needed with redone build.

Hello, this should be the last time I ask for help with making sure all the parts work together and theres no serious bottlenecks. I will be needing to save up for my first car soon. I would not like to spend a penny more unless it would be a great performance increase, and another thing is there any parts that offer more bang for buck. I would like to have corsair memory but it is not that important, and same with the gpu it sould be an nvidia or some vendors version. I think this build will work fine for playing crysis 2 every once in a while and I might get metro 2033 and battlefield 3. I also do some video editing and lightwave. But mostly i play eve online and a few other online games. Down the road I would like to add another card in sli/crossfire. But im still not quite sure what vendor I should get the 560ti from. And I may overclock the cpu a bit. Do you guys know of any 22 or 23 inch sized screens with hdmi.

Heres the build
Intel Core i5-2500k
Corsair Vengeance 4gb
Asus 24x DVD Burner
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB
Cooler Master Hyper 212+
Corsair Enthusiat Series TX 750V2
Corsair Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T
EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti DS Superclocked
Gigabite GA-Z68X-UD3-B3

The total cost is about 1238.
Who knows i may say screw it and get the 580 but i doubt it.
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  1. Nice build! EVGA is a good choice in GPU because of their good support. Good monitor deal if you can jump on it
  2. psu+case combo:

    cpu+ram combo (low profile ram heatsinks):

    the z68x-ud3 is no longer made, the z68xp-ud3 is the newer version that supports quick sync (dont forget the promo code):

    agreed on the monitor suggestion. there are several good Asus models, but that one is the best deal at the moment.

    alternatively: (still works with promo)
    but you may have issues fitting ram with tall heatsinks in the first memory slot when using the hyper 212+, or many cpu coolers.
  3. thx for the input gotta love the bundles, i probably wont be able to pick up the monitor in time :( after ordering the hard part will be putting it together
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