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hello guys i've been researching a lot about motherboards and graphics card and im torn in picking the mobo , gc and processor. i've been intended to buy this hardware for my new pc
-asus crosshair v formula
-amd phenom II x6
-nvdia gtx 690

can this mobo uses nvdia gtx 690? is crosshair v formula the best mobo for a gaming laptop? can i rely on amd phenom or bulldozer?

if you guys know a better hardware then this , tell me for i don't want to make the biggest mistake in making my first gaming pc [ been relying on laptop now but f*** that ]
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  1. Well probably none of what you posted and certainly not a Phenom. I'm confused by your question "... best mobo for a gaming laptop?" I assume you meant 'gaming PC.'

    Q - What games?
    Q - What resolution monitor?
    Q - How many monitors?
    Q - What's your budget?
  2. You have a lot to learn my friend. :D
  3. sorry about that. best mobo for gaming pc....
    games - sleeping dogs , crysis 2 , battlefield 3 , the witcher 2 , modern warfare 3 , [upcoming watching dogs, assassin creed 3, hitman absolution , fifa 13] and more
    monitor - 1920x1080
    just 1 monitor is enough and my budget is below 2000$
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