D-link DIR 615 disconnects from internet

I'm new here. I have a D-link DIR 615 and 2 laptops, a Toshiba (Vista) at about 35 ft away and a Dell (XP) about 15 ft away from the router. Both laptops connect to the router. The Dell w/ 4 or 5 bars and the Toshiba usually 2 bars. They stay connected to the router but lose the internet regularly. Anywhere from every day or two or 3 and 4 times a day. Usually shutting off the router for 10 seconds and turning it on again will reconnect to the internet but sometimes it takes up to 4 or more times and resetting the router before it works again. This happened when I was on a different cable network at a different address last year. Would a new more expensive router solve my problem? Any suggestions?
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  1. I think I'd talk to the Internet Service Provider -- the problem may be the wiring in the house or between there and the ISP.
  2. We are on a wireless connection with a local provider. There is a receiver on our roof that gets the signal from a tower that we can actually see. This is the best we can get in this rural area. It behaves the same way that it did at our last house last rear when we were on cable.
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