Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 Overheating

So, I have an issue with heat in my machine. I'm running an Amd 8120, with 8gb memory, a coolermaster 700w silent pro, a galaxy gtx 570, with a 260 for physx (didn't have the cash for two 570's and my brother had an extra 260 sitting around) and its all wrapped up in a nice pretty haf-9 case.

I'm not sure the exact sizes on the fans in the case, but I'm guessing the one in the front is 120, the top vent is 240, and the one in the back is 80, not including the psu's vent in the back, so this thing should have good airflow. The motherboard also seems to default to 1.42 volts on the chip (everything is running stock, I don't want to have to replace any chips.) and at that setting, running prime95 I'll cap out at 68c, which seems a bit excessive. I dropped the voltage manually to 1.337 and that seemed to drop the idling temps and most load temps to within a reasonable rate (caps out at 50-55c)

My issue is with gaming. I very recently purchased borderlands 2, and left the CPUID hw monitor on while running it till it crashed again. this was the result I got.

that 108c (had peaked at 125c :o in the first test but was unable to get a screenie on that) has me very concerned. I've seen directions on how to replace the thermal paste on the northbridge, and intend on doing so, but if what I'm reading is correct, the northbridge is the tmpin2 which from what I've read, 80c is within standard operating temperatures (even so I would like to reduce that) I also plan on purchasing a hyper 212 heatsink/fan combination to see what I can do about the cpu.

Even so, it seems that parts of my system are running way too hot (gpu's are good.....) Does anyone know exactly where that temperature sensor is, (possibly sitting in between the two video cards, and overheats because of them??) and what, if anything, can I do about it? Or should I just look into RMAing my board, and get another one?
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  1. Are you sure your fans are all pointing in the right directions? Air in through the front, and out through the back and top?

    Other than increasing the fan size for the 80mm exhaust fan in the back to 120mm, the only thing you can do is tidy up your cables, and get a good aftermarket fan/cooler.

    That should give you some stuff to go on.
  2. Yeah, I put a piece of paper in front of and behind each fan just to be sure. The inside of my case is fairly clean. Not immaculately perfect, but definitely good enough for airflow. The CPU itself is running a bit high, and my intentions are to get a better cooler for that, but its the system temps that are going insanely high. I'm wondering if its not a bad temp sensor. Just to be sure I got some arctic 5, and going to setup the stock cooler with that until I can get another one delivered.
  3. You could try using a few different temp reporting programs. Sometimes, they can vary in what they report significantly.
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