Need help deciding on the sabertooth

Hello every one. this is my first gaming pc, and i am unsure about some thing. i have found a deal that includes the ud3h z77, a cm storm series trooper case, and a 850 modular power supply.

i have found another deal that includes a sabertooth z77, a Corsair Carbide Series 400R case, and a CORSAIR Gaming Series GS700 700W power supply.

i very much like the case and the power supply in the first one but i believe its the motherboard that going to win it for me

i have searched online everywhere, and can not find out why my pc gaming experiences will be better with the sabertooth,

i probably will over-clock in the future but i would not buy water cooling just to do it. does your motherboard even get hot enough to need the shields.
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  1. Unless the PSU is a good Corsair or SeaSonic (combo) then 'modular' means zip. I typically find 'combos' are pushing one or more crap component, and only a few combos are 'good.' Generally if $30 stands in the way of me getting what I want then it's a no brainer decision to get what I want.

    The Sabertooth Z77 (series) is very good and the MOBO's are built very well, and they come with a 5 year warranty. Reviews and Reviewers only have a short time to conclude anything about a particular component, and worst they're use to one BIOS and flub-up in a different BIOS -- invalidating their benchmarks. As long as you stick to the top 3 you're fine: ASUS, Gigabyte & MSI. My preference is ASUS.

    About the only discussion I steer clear of are cases, as long as there's nothing obviously wrong with the case.
  2. thank you for your reply, but will i notice a performance difference in the mobos. aside from the durability of sabertooth, why should i get it over the ud3h
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    5 year Warranty.
    Better OC ability.
    Better OC'd RAM compatibility.
    Better Cooling due to the thermal whatever design.
    Better Service than Gigabyte - No doubt.
  4. Oh and better looks! :D
  5. i didn't realize you get much advantage inoverclocking ram, but thanks now i under stand. If i get the sabertooth i have to get a crosair carbine 400r. if i get the ud3h i have to get the cm trooper. i here the 400r is fine, im just a bit worried about the size and amount of air flow, compared to the trooper.
  6. Funny - "aside from the durability of sabertooth"

    Well it is one of the few MOBO's with active cooling of both the VRM and Chipset, and if you OC then you know those get hot and the hotter the less stable your system.

    If you're not going to be using an unlocked (K) processor then any Z77 works. So your use and needs are what determines the 'best' MOBO.

    I like my Sabertooth X79 just fine, it OC's pretty darn good and performs great; rock solid. Actually for the GPU's I have it set a world record so whom am I to question it.

    Now if you need more than 2-WAY CF/SLI then I'd look at a Z77 with an added PLX chipset.
  7. thank you all for all the added information you have given me, now my final question is knowing that the sabertooth and the 400r case go together, is it still better than the ud3h and the trooper. my guess is yes but i wont to know what every one else thinks. and buy the way this is for gaming, im using a 3570k cpu, and gtx 660 graphics. also when would i need more than a 700w psu.
  8. If your guess is yes then why ask? I personally don't like MSI and my overall experience is that they're top 3 -- but 3rd of of 3.
  9. ummm none of those boards are from msi
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