How do you know which ram stick is broken

Hi. I have 2 1Gig Dynet ram modules. whenever i run any RAM intensive programs(programs that use alot of ram) i get a Bsod. blue screen that says "physical memory dump". I'm pretty sure at least at least one of the modules is broken ut how can i tell which one? is it simply a matter of taking out one at a time and seeing if the problem persists?
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  1. That would be a good test. Also run memtest on each stick.
  2. sorry i'm new to this stuff.....memtest?
  3. try prime95 or
    having them in one by one is certainly a good idea if you are confident the problem is with the ram and that it is with just one of the rams, which is very unlikely indeed. most ram manufacturers provide lifetime warranty. and by the way, try googling stuff if they don't make sense to you!
  4. don't worry, i googled it.... doin that now. Thanks 4 the speedy reply.
  5. Will do Bigbang. thanks
  6. another thing, i have a Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7750. the manufacturer recomend i minimum of a 400w PSU. I only have a 350w PSU. Could an underpowered PSU cause voltage surges or something that could damage components such as ram?
  7. the lack of power certainly explains why you get BSOD's when systems loading, it could also cause damage to your components, but not very likely to do permanent damage unless used for a very long time.
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