PS sparked and smoked

Hello, so I was sitting playing a video game like most days and then all of the sudden there is a loud pop. My pc shuts down and its got sparks and smoke coming out of the PS. I dont think it is a short or grounding issue the pc has been working fine for months. Any ideas? And what are the chances I lost other components?

Intel I7 960
MSI X-58 Pro- E MB
12GB Cosrair Dominator Ram
Zotac GeForce 560ti AMP! GPU
700w Xion PS

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I would buy another PSU, and stick it in and see what does and what doesn't work. Then go from there. If you're lucky, it'l just be the PSU that's burnt out. (Which from experience is usually what happens, rather than full mobo short.)
  2. Any idea what caused the sparking? Just a bad PS, or possibly something more serious.
  3. When that happens it trips all the sensors in the PSU for protection of your Computer.

    The PSU has burnt out. Simple and effective method. Its just a bad PSU. I recommend getting an OCZ| Antec| Or Corsair| Check out the PSU in my signature it works wonders, and will be perfect for you computer

    1. Check to see if product is under warranty if so RMA.

    2. If Product is not under warranty buy a new PSU (all you can do)

    3. Buy a Replacement PSU for the time being and have that one refurbished if you low on cash.

    Hope that helped.

  4. PSU's tend to burn out due to blown capacitors. Which, unless you're a highly trained electrician, is very hard to fix.
  5. jonnyGURU.coms review of the XION 700W PSU said that it is based on an old inefficient design with no PFC and has horrible voltage regulation.

    They don't use high quality capacitors (i.e. they use CEC International Holdings). The schottky barrier rectifiers for the +12V rail are 10 Amps in rating away from disaster (i.e. too under spec'd).

    Would I be surprised that it self-destructed? Not really. It may very well have been the rectifiers for the +12V rail that blew.

    The next power supply unit you purchase should be from a reputable brand like Antec, Corsair, Enermax, Seasonic.
  6. xion psu's are cheap and nasty. thats what you get for using a cheap and nasty psu. now you have learned your lesson the hard way, go do some reading about psu's, sites like Hardwaresecrets and Jonnyguru are the best places to start. you will find the most reliable brands Seasonic, Antec, Corsair and XFX. When you do replace the psu you may find other components have fried also.
  7. Went out and bought a new Corsair 850w today. hooked everything back up and all is well. I appreciate all the information. Todays lesson dont use shitty PSUs.
  8. Congratulations!
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