New Pc. Monitor not showing red?

Hey everyone,

I just got done building my PC and it booted up nicely, during the past few days I had problem putting it together but it was the MOBOs fault, now my problem is.. why is the color RED not showing?

I have HIS radean HD 6850 card.

This is my first time so I'm kind of confused, I putted in the Graphic card CD after window 7 was done installing, I think I downloaded the driver? anyway I restarted and it showed the RADEAN 6xxx series driver (which I downloaded from the CD?)

I messed around with the resolution and somehow when I lowered it from 1920x1080 it showed red! then I changed it back to 1920x1080 and it was fine as well. I restarted my computer to confirm my windows update and it turned back to blue yellow and black (red was replaced with black.) What do I do? I ordered my graphics card few weeks ago on amazon I'm not sure if I can return it back...

Anything I done wrong?
Maybe I downloaded the wrong drive? (I don't think so it was the RADAEN 6xxx series driver.)
If you can find the right driver tell me!

I have tried this monitor on my laptop and it works fine,
I have replugged the VGA cables

( I use the DVI to VGA adapter )

I have ensured that the cables are inserted snug and fit.

I have checked that the pins aren't bent.

I can try another graphics card, but it'll be days before my friend can lend me.. and at the moment I'm not sure if my GPU passed it's return date.

What do I do!
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  1. Is this the driver you installed?

    This is for the 32 bit version of Windows 7

    This is for the 64 bit version:
  2. I've never seen AMD cards do this for any other reason than the cable wasn't completely pushed in, or if the cable was going bad, but I suppose it's possible for a reason I've seen Nvidia cards have this issue. I've seen Nvidia cards do this when the card wasn't seated well, it's possible AMD would have the same effect on a poorly seated card, but usually I just see them lose bus lanes.

    I'd check to make sure the cable was connected well, and wasn't being bent at sharp angles.
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