Ivy Bridge Confusion

Hey I'm building my first budget gaming desktop this or next month but I have a few questions concerning Ivy Bridge.

First, what exactly IS Ivy Bridge? Is it a new line of Mobos and CPU's?

Second, I was currently going to buy a I3-2100 and upgrade to an IB Processor when they come out. Is it worth spending 120$ now on the I3 and another, however much, on a Ivy Processor? Its a budget build of 750 and right now I've reached that price point with an I3. Should I go all out right now and buy an I5-2500k, and not worry about this at all? that adds a solid 100$ onto my build which I don't know if I can afford.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Spend the extra 100 it will be well spent
  2. You haven't told us what you use the computer for so how could we tell you if you should spend more on a more expensive processor?

    The i3 will do you for some time, it's very fast and as for gaming, it'll throw the same framerates as a 2600K with a single video card.

    If you pay MMO's then a quad core would be what you want from the start.

    I've bridge is a new cpu coming out that will fit in the current s1155 motherboards and will be 10-20% faster than Sandy Bridge.

    If you plan to upgrade to Ivy Bridge down the road at some point (like me), then there is really no reason to drop another $100 on a Sandy Bridge quad core.
  3. Its going to be most cost efficient to buy the 2500k now. If you can't afford it I would just wait a few weeks till you get your next paycheck or some Christmas money. It offers a lot more value and performance over the 2100.
  4. If you think you are going to want to upgrade to the 2500K in the future then just get it and not waste any time or money. As for Ivy bridge unless you need the extra performance there is no need. 2500K represents the most power you could ever need for gaming and just about everything else.
  5. I will be using the computer for gaming and hopefully some music recording also in the future.

    Right now this is my build

    Intel I3-2100(?)
    Corsair 750W TX PSU
    Corsair Vengeance 8 gb
    EVGA GTX 560 SC
    ASRock Extreme3 Gen3
  6. The Build right now looks pretty future proof for possibly SLI and Ivy Bridge
  7. Ivy Bridge is the next processor release from Intel and when you are upgrading you have to take into account the performance you are getting vs the performance you will get with the upgrade. A lot of times it is hard to resist the new stuff but you have to if you don't want to throw money away needlessly. It would be foolish to get the i3 now and then get the Ivy Bridge , you are not gaining much in that deal to justify it. You would have hardly used it. What do you have now ? Here is a link to help you see what the Ivy Bridge cpu is.

  9. Alright I guess I could spend extra money and just get the I5-2500k. Thanks for the input!

    Also as a side note, currently I have an old HDD with Windows XP on it. I want to upgrade to Windows 7 when I buy a new one. Does anyone know approx when the prices on HDD's will go down?
  10. If you were to get the i5-2500k then you could skip the Ivy Bridge alltogether and wait for the next release after that. The reason I say that is because you can overclock the 2500k to about 4.5ghz and that would let you play any games for a few years , you would need to upgrade the video card before the cpu. I have a Gulftown 980x and I don't plan on upgrading untill after Ivy Bridge.
  11. It will be a while before the prices come back down and they are saying it's going to affect Pc sales for 2012 , so people are making do with thier old hdd's and waiting. Is your old hdd sata or Ide.
  12. inzone said:
    If you were to get the i5-2500k then you could skip the Ivy Bridge alltogether and wait for the next release after that. The reason I say that is because you can overclock the 2500k to about 4.5ghz and that would let you play any games for a few years , you would need to upgrade the video card before the cpu. I have a Gulftown 980x and I don't plan on upgrading untill after Ivy Bridge.

    That sounds like a good idea. What if I just SLI'd the 560 the next time I wanted to Upgrade?
  13. If you picked up a 120gb SSD then you should be good for a while and maybe untill the prices start to come down or just use the SSD for the OS and the current game and your old hdd for storage.
  14. That is also an option since you already will have one all you have to do is get another and by that time the new cards will be out and the prices of the old ones will have come down a bit.
  15. To be honest man I'm not too sure. It does have Sata connectors I believe but right now its connected to with molex and those long strip connectors with like 36 prongs lol, thats prob a Ide isn't it? haha
  16. Yes it does sound like it , but they do sell adaptors that convert the Ide to sata and I believe they are under $20.
  17. Oh right on man. The prices of SSD's are a little too high right now but I do have an external 500GB Hardrive for games and applications n such. I might consider buying a SSD and Windows 7 in a couple months or so.
  18. You won't be sorry and you won't believe the difference between a regular hdd and a SSD.
  19. haha good deal, how much space would Windows 7 take up on an SSD? Is 60gb enough?
  20. Windows 7 64bit will take up about 20gb and 32bit less that that but you do want to go with 64 bit. You could get away with a 60gb SSD but you want to be very selective with what you load and make sure you only load exactly what you need for the OS and put everything else on the other hdd. The OS and the current game you are playing should be all that is on the SSD.
  21. 120GB intel 320 series was 139 I saw it just today somewhere online.
  22. This quote may give you pause


    Besides, I’m not 100% convinced that the Ivy Bridge/6-series chipset compatibility story is going to end as harmoniously as many folks with P67 and Z68 boards hope.
  23. hmmm if you can find that 120gb intel for 140 I'd be interested.
  24. Ivy Bridge will be 100% compatible with P67/Z68/H61/H67, no doubt about it.

    I really don't see the point of buying a 2500K now if your going to upgrade to Ivy Bridge in a couple months, you might as well buy nothing and just wait.
  25. yeah but it all depends on the price. Who knows these Ivy Bridge cpus might cost a fortune and I might end up settling for a 2500k anyways. And I don't want to wait much longer.
  26. Like I said before get the 2500k now and skip the Ivy Bridge and get the next one and as we all know there will be a next one and the next one after that. You will be very happy with the performance of the 2500k and the overclockability of it and you will be able to play any game and it will keep up with any of the video cards that you may want to get.
  27. Since Ivy Bridge is a direct replacement of Sandy Bridge, the price of Ivy Bridge CPUs should not be much different from Sandy Bridge prices as of now.

    The only real concern is the performance increase. Since the Sandy Bridge architecture is pretty mature and Intel is focusing most of their attention towards Haswell, the performance increase (at same clock speeds) will probably be around 6%. We'll have to wait until March/April to get a better idea of it's actual performance. The smaller 22nm die process could mean that IB CPUs will be clocked higher than SB CPUs and might allow for higher overclocks.

    If you don't want to wait for IB, then just buy an i5-2500k now and be done with it.

    Me? I think I will hold out for Haswell before I upgrade my Q9450.
  28. Ah screw it. I'm buying the 2500k.
  29. You'll be dissapointed to have bought a 2500K after it's been out this long just to see it trumped by a much faster cpu for the same price in 2 months.
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