Compaq Presario/usb external blu ray player

I have a question. I have a compaq presario c762nr with windows 7 recently installed. Will a external usb blu ray player work for this computer? Or do I
need more hardware added?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Try this advisory,

    I would say yes, but you would need the proper software
  2. thanks for your help!!!! I ran the cyberlink test and it said that {GPU (Hardware acceleration) - No Hardware Decoder detected - upgrade}. It did not say it failed but upgrade. Does that mean it won't work? Or when you try to rip a blu ray disc it will be slow process? I was planning on ripping blu ray movies also in xvid hd. How long do you think it will take to rip a average size movie? (90 min) I know it probably depends on the software & set up.
  3. in my experience, ive been able to get ~20MBps... so the ripping process may take a while
  4. "Does that mean it won't work?"
    If the cpu passed then you should be good to play bluray disks. It just wont take advantage of energy saving methods that your pc doesn't support.

    "I know it probably depends on the software & set up."
    Exactly :P , cant tell, just leave them in queue and overnight.

    As for playing back rips, you need to make sure you are encoding in a way that your cpu can play it back without stuttering. Your T2370 cpu is pretty slow, so make sure of it. If you want to be sure, rip at 720p. You will not see a difference on the laptop's 720p display with 1080p :)
  5. I think I know what to do now. I will probably just test the settings until I find one I like. Tweak the file size & quality of vid. Thanks for all ya'll's help!!!
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