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Ivy bridge and Nvidia 6xx release date?

can someone tell me there release date?
and should i wait?? or just buy one for christmas

1. What are some benefits for ivy bridge over sandy bridge

2. What are some benefits for 6xx series over 7xx series

3. Is ivy bridge gonna replace the price for sandy bridge, or are they going to be more expensive than sandy bridge

4. Is 6xx series nvidia card going to replace the price for 5xx series or is it going to be more expensive

My budget right now is from 500$-600$, i can go a bit higher if it's a respectively good upgrade.

please reply! a lot of people don't reply my questions. And i feel left out...
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  1. There are no dates set yet for the release of either Intel or Nvidia. Like with all releases the new versions will be more powerful and able to do more and faster. Do you have a computer now or are you building your first one. Since we don't know when the date is it would be hard to wait and you never want to get the parts when they first come out you do want to wait a bit to see if there are any bugs that have to be worked out and you don't want to be the test subject.You can build a powerful Pc right now and it will last for some time and you can upgrade after the next two releases. The thing you have to remember is that they are always going to come out with a newer version and you simply don't get the new version every time , unless you have boatloads of money and you can simply buy everything that you want. With the budget that you have most likely you are not going to buy an Ivy bridge cpu untill they come out with the low priced model. Same goes for the video card you will have to wait for the low end model. I would say that just after Christmas prices will be lower and there will be some really good sale as the stores will be looking for buisness with everyone tapped out by the holiday.
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    Ivy Bridge is suppose to release in the spring of 2012. There's virtually no info on the GTX 6XX, including official clocks and such.

    1. Less heat and power consumption. It's likely to be slightly more powerful than SB. Supposedly easier to OC with better results than SB.

    2. What? The 7XX series? I believe you mean the GTX 6XX series over the 5XX series. No info on that. It's obviously a different arch and Nvidia claims 2X the performance per watt. That's really all there is ATM. Maybe higher clocks, less heat and power consumption, and higher bandwidth.

    3. Yes, they will replace SB. They are likely to be the same price, and will probably drop the price of the SB CPUs. No one knows for sure.

    4. Like I said, no one knows for sure. They may be around the same price, maybe slightly higher. Prices for the GTX 5XX series may drop.

    Don't feel left out. No question is stupid. A question unasked is a question unanswered. You can easily get an i5 2500K, GTX 560 Ti, and a good Z68 MoBo with that budget. Waiting in the tech world is a bad thing, as hardware is constantly evolving and changing. CPUs, GPUs, and everything else, just will never be fast enough for everything. It's difficult to grasp at first. It's a "bug" in the tech world, so to speak. If a GTX 560 Ti and an i5 2500K satisfy you, then by all means, buy them. I'll send you a PM with a few parts to consider, if you ask.
  3. Ivy Bridge is probably going to be 6% to at best 10% better than Sandy Bridge if both processors were at the same clockspeed. I'm betting on 6% since it is just going to be a tweak of an already mature architecture.

    The die shrink down to 22nm should allow for low power consumption and possibly higher clocked CPUs.

    The integrated Intel graphics core will have improved performance. The HD 2500 and HD 4000 are the new graphic cores. The current Intel HD 3000 is basically equal to a Radeon HD 5450 desktop video card. The Intel HD 4000 is expected to be 60% more powerful; that puts it somewhere in between a desktop Radeon HD 5550 and HD 5570 video card.
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  5. in 7xx series maybe he means Radeon 7xxx series.. :)
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