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SSD help/Suggestions

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December 10, 2011 11:10:21 PM

So i'm planning for new build and so far i have decided to go with a 500GB HDD and a SSD. I want to use the SSD to boot my OS and for about 2 games, the HDD will be used for everything else. Is this possible to do? If so, do only certain SSD's support it, and what is it called? And also please suggest me some SSD's with enough storage for an OS (win 7) and about 2 games. my budget for the SSD is 150.

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December 10, 2011 11:19:16 PM

This is one of those rare moments where it may be worth it to invest in a z68 motherboard and use the SSD cashing capability. That way you can get a smaller 60GB SSD (which is the largest you can use for SSD cashing at the moment), and then get the largest HDD you can afford. This way everything is logically stored on one drive, and you will get a performance boost from programs that you use the most without having to move/reinstall software all the time.

Otherwise I would go for a larger SSD (120-240GB) and ditch the HDD completely until prices come back down.
December 10, 2011 11:32:50 PM

The above reply is certainly an option.

What you're asking about though is certainly possible and is a popular solution.

I use this on both my desktop and laptop. 120GB SSD for Windows, startup programs and a few of my most used applications, with HDD for the rest of my programs and personal files such as documents, pictures and videos.

It's simple to do and every effective. There are just two things to remember. Firstly, when you install a program, you need to change the drive letter of the installation path. It will normally default to C but you need to change it to install on the other disk if you want it to.

The second thing is to change the location of your library folders (Documents, Movies, Pictures etc) to your HDD. This is a relatively simple procedure, one time only and several websites give instructions on how to do it.
December 10, 2011 11:39:10 PM

Yu can save some money and get a hybrid SSD/HD .... while it won't do the same in benchmarks for straight DTR, it's not like most of us do a lot with giant disk transfers.

SSD caching is a feature withiut a niche....itended for teeny SSD's like 10-20 GB .... once ya hit 60 GB, it's redundant

Finally, another feature of a Z68 chipset is known as SSD caching which is where it allows the use of a small (say 10 or 20 GB) Solid state hard drive to act as a cache for a larger ‘traditional’ hard disk. If you are already planning the use of a Solid State drive this feature is redundant.

Use of a SSD and HD can get be a bit of a chore if ya not well versed in how windows stores things.....moving user file location and changing default path of program installs is a start