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I have found some info on how to upgrade my cpu on my gateway dx4831-01e came with an i3 530 (LGA 1156), so far I found that its possible to upgrade to any i7 8xx, but everyone tells me to update my bios before I put in the new cpu, I already did this here its the info of the new bios and yes its a locked bios from gateway,

brand american megatrends inc.
version P01-B1
Date 03/23/2010

got the bios from here

my question is if any of you know if this bios supports i7 860 cpu if not where do I get the update for it?

more info about the motherboard

model H57M1
southbridge H57

no idea what this info is but I figured I put it in here incase someone needs them.

thanks in advance!
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    Since the specs listed in the support docs for the model include i7 procs, I'd guess it'd work. Though there are some differences between the sub-models these brands produce, the same basic BIOS is probably used for each dx4831, whether it shipped with an i3, i5, or i7. There's really no reason that would justify the work for them to make separate BIOSes.
  2. The bit about upgrading BIOS can be relevant if the release date of the CPU in question is more recent than that of the board (i.e., the CPU wasn't yet on the market when the board was first released). This being a non-current series of CPUs (though still potent) the most recent BIOS from gateway should be fine; BIOS date 7/2010 is well after i7-860's release in 2009. But, the 870 was probably among the first 1156 chips released since Intel likes to launch at the high end and work down.
  3. thank you for your reply, I will do this upgrade tomorrow and see what happens. I will post here.
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