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Hi felas, I am wondering if anybody can help me with some information here. I am trying to build a gaming pc just around 250 Pounds. I am wondering what is the best that i can get for this price. Can anybody help me with the spec and weblink to where I can get the parts? Thank you so much for your help.
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  1. Damn that's pretty heavy PC ... 250 pounds
  2. Do you need a monitor or Windows 7?
  3. yeah mines only like 30lbs, is it a gold case?
  4. cant see you building a decent gaming pc for that budget--a decent graphics card would use half your budget on its own--which games are you wanting to play?

    aria uk is about the best site price wise

    for that budget to play any reasonably intensive game i would think you would need to look at a second hand pc from ebay
  5. geekapproved said:
    yeah mines only like 30lbs, is it a gold case?

    no gold is pretty light .. that's like lead or something
  6. ha, ha.

    And I disagree with the 'second hand PC from Ebay' crap.

    as I type this at 6:09 pm on Sept 12, 2011, 300 British pounds sterling = 474.4800 US dollars.

    At that price, for a basic gamer, AMD is your option.
    a Llano A8 system can handle light gaming tasks at 1680x1050, and you might squeeze in a low-end 6xxx in hybrid crossfire.

    alternately, you can get an inexpensive Athlon II X3 or X4, an AM3+ board and something like a 6670 or 6770 and still have a decent budget gamer.
  7. ^+1
    X3 445 s ur way to glory
  8. Check out asrocks m3a770de board for about £40 on scan or ebuyer with an amd 445 or 450, grab a ati 5770 and your laughing
  9. for supercheap, I'll suggest a 445 or 450, an ASUS or gigabyte 760 that has an AM3+ entry. 4 GB of DDR3-1333, a 500 GB HDD. a Corsir CX 430, Antec Earthwatts 380, or Xigmatek PC402, whichever is cheaper. and a HD6670 or GTS 450
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