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Hi guys,

Almost decided on my new rig setup, but am wondering about triple monitors. I have two 22" VGA flatpanels currently, and I'm buying a Benq 24" HD.

Would I be able to output all those using eyefinity on 1 6950? I'm thinking the answer is no, but thought I would check. Is it even possible to have a triple monitor setup using different resolution screens?

If i can't output from 1 card, I will most likely go SLI or Crossfire. Which card you think would handle 2 LCD and 1 HD better in dual configuration?

thanks for any advice, it is much appreciated

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  1. I can't speak to eyefinity.

    But triple monitors for an expanded desktop is no problem. Different resolutions work just fine. When dragging an image across two different size monitors, things will get resized, so it will be a bit difficult if the image spans a seam. You will need two graphics cards, unless there is an eyefinity solution, or you have a GTX590 which can attach three monitors.

    I also don't know what games can make use of three monitors and what their requirements are. I know there are some.

    If you will game on just one monitor, make that one the primary, and connect it to your strongest graphics card.

    The side monitors, which will usually hold relatively static images can both attach to an inexpensive second card. It is best to make both your cards either Nvidia, or ATI so you only have to install one driver.
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