The i7-3930 is likely to be high uptake

I think the sheer performance of the new i7-3930k is well worth it myself. having such sheer performance for all applications you'd typically use is valuable for th eproductivity gains it delivers.

Add to this the superb speed imporvement of SSD's and you have a substantial productivity gain for every person in your organisation.

Now add to that the acceptable prices of the components and you've actually go aa reall winning combination.

I am a small business manager selling software. I can see us recommending this platform to everyone not just high end users. The cost extra is minimal compared to the productivity gains.
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  1. Thanks for your report, Stephen. Now if you can rewrite your report without the typos, misspelling and punctuation errors, I will submit it to the interested parties.
  2. I honestly don't think the 10-20% increase over the 2600k is worth $300 more.
  3. Depends on the purpose of the PC. For the average home user it is not worth the cost. For gamers, the money is better spent on the graphics card.

    However, for 3D rendering, video production and financial modelling, that's a different story.
  4. A quad core is good for FSX now and I thought it will also be ok for the new reboot of the sim but I was wrong. MS is now recommending a hex core. I don't know whether it will be wise to build a hex core for MS Flight.
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