Sabertooth Z77/corsair Dominator 2gb x 4 compatibility issue?

I built my first PC today, a HAF 922, a Cooler Master Extreme 700w, sabertooth z77, an i7 processor, and 4 2gb Corsair Dominator sticks. Everything checks out fine, except when I try to install more than 4gb of DRAM. When I try to do this, the red DRAM light comes on and the computer won't start up. I can use any of 2 sticks, and it will work fine. I've switched out the sticks, put them in different slots, but it won't take anymore than 2. Anyone else have this issue? What am I doing wrong?
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  1. With some motherboards you have to adjust the ram voltage upward slightly (like .2 v) to get four sticks working together.

    So try going into the BIOS, and giving the ram an additional .2 V juice. I bet it works.
  2. I upped the voltage on the DRAM to 1.7 (it was 1.5 before) and same problem.
  3. Sorry it didn't work for you. Go ahead and set it back to default.
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