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Sabertooth x79 dimm_B1 slot abnormality

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September 20, 2012 5:45:05 AM

hey guys,
Im fairly new at building pc's so im learning on the fly, and apologize for any stupid questions first up.
I recently built myself a new pc with a friends help, the relative components are:

sabertooth x79 lga2011 motherboard
12gig corsair vengence ddr3 ram (8gig installed as it wont surport 3 sticks)
intell core i7 -3820 processor
nvidia geforce gtx 560ti gpu
(i think that is all that could be related to my problem.... can provide extra if needed)

the search for my problem started with lag issues in bf3. frustrated with almost unplayable lag i began to trouble shoot. i eliminated net, punk buster, install and patch problems as the cause of the problem. as such I started looking into problems with my pc and eventually discovered that my pc was only picking up 4gig of the 8gig of ram installed (being novice i didn't think to check the hardware until last).

after discovering this issues I began to read up on the issue, it seems others (mostly running much bigger/better pc's) with similar issues on the x79 motherboards....

i found that the stick in the dimm_b1 slot was not regeristering in either the bios or windows (it showed as having an abnormality in the bios, as apposed to the ok shown in the dimm_d1 slot)

to make sure that it wasnt the actual ram sticks which were faulty i tested all three in the dimm_d1 slot... all worked fine. this leads me to believe there is a problem/issue with the dimm_b1 slot.

if anyone has any explanation/answers/solutions to my problem before i start attempting to reseat my cpu etc to check for issues with the slots etc and finally run crying to the retailer it would be greatly appreciated

thanks guys

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September 23, 2012 5:54:30 AM

a c 99 } Memory
September 23, 2012 6:45:13 AM

I am going to assume you've played mix and match through all three ram modules already - if not, that may somehow find a good combination.
You might try memtest on each module (while in D1) just to ensure it isn't a ram issue but I'm thinking you'll probably want to RMA the motherboard (not what you wanted to hear I'm sure).