AC AF12025 PWM 120mm Case Fan to Sys_Fan1 Connector on a Gigabyte 880G

Hey, I am new here and I got two Arctic cooling 12025 PWM 120mm fans that I want to use as my outtake fans, but all the fan connector are taken up on my mobo which is Gigabyte 880GA-UD3H and the only left connector is my Sys_Fan1 which is a 4 pin and when I try connecting the fan which is also a 4pin to the sys_Fan1 it does not spin. It gives a jump but does not spin at all. I can't figure how to make it to work. I went into the bios and it shows 0 rpm. How do I click on it? Am I doing something wrong here? anyone know, much appreciated. Also i am not sure what the other wire is for on the case fans and that i don't know where else to connect them since my CPU_Fan, SYs_Fan2, and PWR_fan are used up.

I also want to connect the fan to a Molex to the PSU if that is another option if I can't get it to work as a PWM fan. What connector do I need, any recommendations?
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  1. Your cpu heatsink fan is supposed to be plugged into cpu_fan and the other fans are usually powered by molex. Just take the molex from your psu and plug it into the fans.
  2. The Arctic cooling fan does not come with the molex adapter so I can't connect it to the psu. it has 3 wires and I believe I need an adapter for it to plug to my psu, which one do you preferred?

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