How to block webpages and internet in a Network

Hello all...

im currently managing a network in my dad's company.

problem is, right now everyone has full access to internet without no restriction, so more often than i wish, i keep finding people browsing youtube, and downloading songs and etc, and it keeps our bandwith consumption at the top!

we have a windows server 2003 machine, and a linux server currently doing nothing. both of them are available to install whatever might be needed to work this problem out
the windows server is running exchange and serving as a fileserver aswell.

what simple and easy solutions could i have to clear these problems?

i would like something to easily block certain range of ips or individual pc's from browsing the internet, but at the same time still connect to the exhange server.
i would like on some pc's to give them partial access to some webpages, but block other webpages, like facebook, youtube, and etc.

is there some easy software i can implement and manage easily?

many thanks in advance.
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  1. The router should have facilities to block IP addresses and even sites by partial names.
  2. Well, this network wasnt implemented by me.
    it has a cisco router wich i dont have access to, only the guys from our isp provider.
    so i need something that i could either control via one of the servers i do have access..
    some kind of software to manage that.
    any ideas?
  3. If you are not using your linux box at all, use that as the main entry point for your internet, as your internal firewall. You'll have to have two nic on it, one going from the router, the other would be what's after the router.

    You can easily find tutorial on how to configure linux to be a firewall.
  4. You could also use OpenDNS, if available in your area, to filter sites.
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