Antec PLUS1080AMG and Quad Core MoBo

I have an older Antec PLUS1080AMG case and a very old setup in it. I want to upgrade to a quad core setup. I wanted to see if my case will work with the newer ASUS motherboards? I'm a professional photographer and as such am always on a budget, so it won't all come together at once.
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  1. Hello Photo-rob.

    I am actually wondering the exact same thing myself. Sorry that no one has responded to your question, but did you have any success with your issue?

    Thank you
  2. Hi silversmithy,

    Unfortunately I did not receive a reply :bounce:, nor have I found the answer :pt1cable:. I will probably just buy the MoBo and go from there.


    (I like to use inappropriate smilies)
  3. Hello again Rob. Sorry to hear that you never got any help. I ended up missing the boat on the Antec Plus1080 case so I am back to square one. I really like that case too. Take care. Inappropriate smiles are a-okay with me!
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