Which is the best graphic card within 5000

I have a ddr2 2 gb ram with 2.66 GHz processor speed. Which is the best graphics card for it??
I can extend my budget to 5500. Please give me an answer !!!
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  1. What is the exact processor name?Intel or AMD?

    What is your monitor resolution?
  2. ^+1.
    Exact specs are to be provided.
    CPU, RAM - okay in this case, PSU, Motherboard.
  3. Use this and copy what it says
  4. ok considering you live in india (like me), you can probably find a 6670 or a 5670 in this price range.
  5. ^Provided he first gives us his PC specs especially his PSU. HD 6670 costs 4500INR from where I live in India.
  6. yeah, pc specs first.
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