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Hello everyone.. I recently built my first system with help from this site. My only use for this computer is gaming. I bought a hp zr30w monitor and have been enjoying it for the past 2 weeks. However, Im considering returning it because of the distance i sit from it. I am currently sitting about 6 feet from it (laying in bed). I think the 30" is a little too small at this distance. I'm weighing the following options:

1. Get a 40-46" LED TV - I understand I'll be sacrificing a lot of resolution with this alternative. I'm also still struggling to find a suitable tv as a monitor replacement. (price max is $1500). Two tv's Im considering are the Sony Bravia KDL-46NX720 and the Samsung UN46B7000.

2. New desk, chair, and keep the zr 30w.

I do like zr 30w very much. However, I find myself wishing the screen was larger and I could continue to play/use my comp while laying in bed instead of at a desk. Let me know what you guys think.
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  1. I have a pc connected to a 50" plasma at 1080p resolution minus some overscan. It's fine for playing back recorded tv shows, playing dvds, etc. It works great for PS3 style games. But i would not want to browse the web with that system. (or on a 30" monitor at 6 ft). Reading with the 50" means moving your head from side to side. (my main pc is connect to a 24" 1920x1200. that's the system i'm using now. No way i'd do this append on the 50" plasma.)
  2. are there games it does not work well for? Do you notice any input lag?
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