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There is a recertified GTX 570 on newegg for $250.
I recently ordered the Saphire 6950 Dirt3 Edition on newegg. Think its worth to return it and get the recertified 570?
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    The warranty period for recertified products is a max of 90 days for the most part. If companies have confidence in their recertification process, why the shorter-than-new warranty period? Just my opinion, but to me, that's taking a big chance, but it could pay off and on the other hand the thing might die after 3 months.

    Even with the performance boost you'd get with a 570, I wouldn't return your current order for a chance on a recert.
  2. ^yes agreed with ubercake, stick with the 6950 and OC that puppy if you want a little more performance, I agree that the recert is not worth it
  3. That's what I was leaning towards, though the upgrade of a 570 was tempting. Thanks for the reassurance! lol
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