Red interior tube lighting

My fiancé recently built his own computer he had been looking for decent red tube lighting for inside thst doesn't glow pink like some I want to get it for christmas as a gift any ideas where I start looking
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  1. what country are you in?

    you may also consider a led chain--these are much better in my opinion than cold cathode tubes

    for one thing they are flexible and can be cut down to fit exactly where you want them and they will give you a true red colour
  2. Im in england near london can they be brought on the net and where would I need to look thankyou so much for your reply
  3. you can get them loads of places off the net

    this site is very good and one of the cheapest in the uk for pc parts

    heres an example of the leds
  4. I like the idea of the chain ones you said about before as im not very computer orientated do you know if these are cool as I know my fiancé always mentions about heat control in his system and the others states they are cooler but I like the idea that you cant cut them to size and there flexible thankyou again
  5. yes they are cool

    leds dont give off heat and use a tiny amount off power--but are still very bright

    heres an example on ebay uk--this ebay seller will custom make them to any size you want

    and has a good photo to show the effect of them turned on
  6. Thankyou again I have just purchased them and very pleased too. I know this is being cheeky but you dont happen to know a good wireless keyboard that I can also buy do you I don't want to spend mega money like the dinivo my fiancé uses his palm control and mouse for gaming it will be one mainly for media as we have the computer set up in the front room. I have looked at the trust thinity but dont know if this is too small the same with the novatech otherwise is there a good logitech one you would recommend like I said im being a bit cheeky asking but I want to know im getting the best I can
  7. no problem--how much do you want to spend on the wireless keyboard?
  8. No more than about sixty pound
  9. something like this?

    or this ones similar to the trust if you wanted a trackpad on it

    or this one

    these are about the only logitech ones that suit your purchase price and your usage requirements
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