Is a radeon hd 6950 2gb an overkill for a AOC 21.5" LED e2240vw?

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  1. If you think from today's games point of view its overkill but when highly demanding games come out in future you will need the extra power.What cpu do you have?
  2. full system specs? no it is not overkill for a 1080p monitor in fact it is pretty well suited to game at 1080p imo, but if you dont have the system, mind you, the psu to run it it wont matter so tell us your specs and your budget
  3. asrock p67-pro3
    intel i5 2500k
    Kinston hyperx 4gb ram ddr3
    Sapphire 6950 2gb
    Seagate 1TB
    Cougar rs550 watts
    aoc 21.5" LED e2240vw

    are these enough or should i get a lower gpu?...
  4. yeah you will have a nice rig but I would definatley get a new psu from a reliable manufacturer such as antec seasonic corsair or XFX, it will probably run the 6950 fine but there is also a chance that it will crap out on you, so basically if your system stops working you know its the psu imo. But in general the 6950 2 gig is a great choice given your monitor and rig.
  5. so i should get a more powerful psu or just stick with a 550 watt and get one from a better manufacturer?

    is my monitor enough or should i get a bigger one?

    thanks for all the input guys :)
  6. you monitor is fine, it is up to personal preference. You should get this psu instead:

    its not really the wattage the 550w is sufficient but you are going to want to oc your cpu and gpu then give yourself some extra headroom. Its really that cougar is not a known reliable psu brand so I would switch it out for a reliable one like the one I listed above, if you want to go with something a little cheaper id recommend the corsair builders series psus.
  7. This one is good to (one that I have):

    60A on the 12v rail. 10 dollars cheaper than the corsair above with the rebate.
  8. I would definatley get the corsair over a coolermaster, they are decent but are just as sketchy as some lesser brands sometimes
  9. Some points:

    I recommend the GTX560Ti as one of the best values.

    Power Supplies:
    1. the most important thing for a gamer is to ensure that the power supply supplies enough current on its 12V rail (or rails). There may be up to FOUR rails, but the total is not added. Never buy a PSU that does not tell you how much current (Amps) the 12V rail(s) supply.

    2. 650W is typical for a high-end setup with no more than an HD5870 or 560Ti. Again, pay attention to the Amps for the 12V rail(s).

    3. Quality is important.

    1. Get a GTX560Ti if in doubt, although there may be slightly better deals or even sales.

    2. if a new PSU is required, look at places like NCIX, note the 12V Amperage (recommend at least 25% greater than the card you buy), spend time reading on PSU's in general and NEVER buy a PSU for which you have not found a good review.
  10. i dont have plans of overclocking my pc :) but with the above rig that i have which of these 2 should i get: corsair gs600 600 watts or a corsair tx650?
  11. personally i'd go with the tx650 v2
  12. thanks :) im going with the tx650 which has better reviews...

    now im going to decide which monitor to get....

    samsung 23 inch led

    aoc 21.5 inch led

    im confused since there arent a lot of reviews about these monitors... i chose them because they are readily available from where i live... which would be the better gaming monitor overall in terms of size and clarity?
  13. the samsung no doubt but personally I would go for a standard lcd, the low end leds looks like a blue yellow mess
  14. Go with two monitors, I have the 6950 and am currently running four monitors. Problem is, once you go multiple monitors you will never be satisfied with one again....
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