Help booting: ASRock Z68 Mobo, Error Code 15

Hi all,

I just finished putting together my new build, but I'm not able to boot. Dr. Debug shows error code 0x15, which is supposed to correspond to "Pre-memory Northbridge initilization is started." The computer sits at "15" for a few mintues and then just shuts off. I'm not sure what info to include, but here are some specs:

ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3
i5 2500k
8gb Kingston HyperX 1600MHz RAM
MSI 560 Ti Hawk

Thanks so much!
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  1. can you give me lil more infomation on your issue what power supply you got and does the PC turn on and are you able to access the Bois/UEFI
  2. sure, the power supply is an OCZ ZX 850W. the computer turns on, all the fans are on, but the dr. debug display remains on "15." and no, the display never turns on. thanks!
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    pull all pci cards and all memory, see if it gives a different code. add back 1 dimm, see if pc works. if not add back the other dimm. try to get past the 15 and get a code something like no video then add back the 560.

    p.s. nice build. it should fly.

    Here are other suggestions.
  4. hmm process of elimination is what you need to do first thing is remove your ram and boot up on 1 stick try each stick see if you got defective RAM stick next try your video card if got 2nd one laying around and then see
  5. ah thank you guys so much. i removed the pci cards one by one, and found out that my wifi card was causing the error. i switched the slot, and it boots great! thank you so much again to both of you!
  6. woot +1 mee? :D
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