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I just recently got a Phenom II X6 1095T, and I plan on upgrading to the FX-8350 when it comes out. I haven't built a computer in forever, and motherboard choices were much easier 10 years ago. So now, I'm seeking advice.

- I'm going to be using it for gaming, and just about nothing else. (inb4 Intel :p)
- I do not plan on running Crossfire/SLI at all.
- Looking for 4 DIMM slots.
- I read Tom's Hardware guide on the auto OC utilities. I have never OC'd, and I don't really want to mess around with it greatly to do it all manually. So auto OC is a great feature for me. (:
- I've been searching Newegg, but a lot of people give low eggs for problems that may or may not be related to the motherboard.
- I have no brand loyalty.
- Last but not least, looking to spend ~$125 on it.

The best idea that I have found so far, is this: and from my understanding, the only difference between the 970 and the 990X/FX is more support for Crossfire. Correct me if I'm wrong here.

I don't know much about components anymore, so I thought I'd consult a more knowledgable crowd.

Thanks in advance guys! (and gals)
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  1. Check this mobo. It is right up there for AM3+ features and very close to your price point after rebate. This is a good mobo.

    The MSI board you selected isn't bad either, but your ability to OC with the board I am recommending will be better.

    Good luck!
  2. I would not buy MSI, especially if you have any interest in overclocking (even auto); many of them have weak VRMs that will pop under the added stress. Sorry, I've got a link to an article on and a "trouble chart" they created, but it's at home, not at work. I'd choose something from Asus, ASRock, or Gigabyte.
  3. you're spending money on something that will give minimal gains at best ? why not ride the present horse into the ground and spend money on something that will truly be an upgrade in the future.
  4. swifty, could you elaborate on it more please? Are you referring to the chipset?
  5. you have a 1090T ? and you want another processor that will give no gains and another mother board for what ?
  6. Sorry, I didn't really specify in the OP. I currently do not have a motherboard for this processor. As far as the processor upgrade, I'm referring to the the FX-8350 (New Steamroller chip). I'll wait to see benchmarks and so forth, but it's something that I plan on upgrading if it's worth while. That's why I'd rather be ready for it with a motherboard that will support it.
  7. okey dokey.
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