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I was reading through the fine print of the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 MoBo and came across this: '- 7.1 CH HD Audio with Content Protection',

does this mean I won't be able to play my audio collection because I don't have the original tapes anymore?

Or should I buy this board and not have any problems with my collection.

I also saw this: '- Supports HDCP function with DVI and HDMI ports' Does this mean that only the VGA port is usable for High Def. films?
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  1. HDCP and Content Protection refer to being able to play protected content on media like BluRay Disks.

    Go here for more detail:

    BTW, your audio collection will play just fine. No worries.
  2. Hi
    Many thanks for that, I've been reading all sorts of scare stories, when I did a search for content protection.

    Nice to know that my faith in the above board is well placed.
  3. Have fun!!! You are most welcome.
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