Which MOBO Mfg is most customer friendly?

I read lots of reviews of Motherboards, there is no lack of reviews. I also read at locations like Newegg, reviews of specific experiences with motherboards. There are NO lack of problems with any of them. The fact that any manufacturer will have problems with product is a given. What I would like to know is about HOW all these manufacturers RESPOND to their customers. Which one is CUSTOMER FRIENDLY?

I have not read a review of this. Does anyone know of ANY review of the rate of response/solution, and customer satisfaction of MOBO manufactures?

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  1. Depends on where you live actually.

    In India, ASUS is amazing.
  2. ASUS has a pretty good RMA service, very fast response. very friendly people

    MSI RMA is a little slow but their quite generous when they give you your part back with tons of extra goodies. (extra connectors, bridges, etc.)

    Gigabyte is pretty cut and dry, nothing special about them.

    As far as i've heard ASRock are the guys to watch for, give them a few years and they'll be some serious players among the big companies.
  3. Thanks mafisometal - Any others have wide experience with Manufacturer support?
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