Need an AGP Graphic Card to support 1600x900 pixels

Hi! Well, this is my first post at Tom's Hardware! :wahoo:

I have had my eMachines C2782 computer since January, 2004. Because I need to keep Windows XP to run some astronomy software that I use, I have decided to replace parts on my old computer, rather than get a new one. Sometime in another year or two, I might get a new computer. But, until then...

I just bought a new monitor, as my old one was beginning to freak out occasionally. After 7 years, no surprise! I bought an ASUS VH202T-P monitor, which arrived just a few days ago. Now, this monitor has a native resolution of 1600x900 pixels, but the onboard VIA UniChrome Graphics does not seem to support this. So, I am using the monitor in the 4 to 3 aspect ratio, rather than the 16x9. As a result, I have about 2" of unused space on either side of the displayed screen. When I try to use the 16x9 aspect, the horizontal pixels are spread out, but the vertical pixels remain unchanged. So... everything is stretched out horizontally. Kate Moss looks like Kirstie Alley. So... I need to use the 4x3 aspect.

It seems, that if I get an AGP graphics card, I will be able to use the 16x9 aspect. However, the more I search for a possible choice, the more confused I get! I know that I need to have an AGP 4x/8x... 1.5 volt... well, that's all I know for sure!

My CPU is an Athlon XP 2700+... I have 2GB Ram... those are the only specs I am sure have relevance. There are other specs which must be relevant, but I have no idea which ones!

I will not be gaming... no time for it! Really, I just want to be able to use all of my new monitor space...

Oh, and price is most definitely an object. It probably is not so important, because I'm sure the most expensive cards are too much for my machine, anyway! However, I want a decent balance between quality and price...

Also, my power supply is the original one... Bestec ATX-300-12E... 300 Watts, I believe. I need to replace the power supply soon, before it fails and takes out my motherboard... so, I can upgrade to a higher wattage power supply, if need be.

Any suggestions?
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  1. NVIDIA's old FX 5000 series are good. I had an FX 5500 with a 20 inch Samsung syncmaster 2033 and it ran well with it.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I will add it to my list of possibilities! However, for every option that I research, I find stuff like this:

    It seems that all graphics cards present some variation on a nightmare...

    Carl... trying to avoid a nightmare... ;)
  3. And, I wonder about some issues... like:

    If my RAM is DDR, do I need to have DDR on the graphics card, also?

    And, my BIOS is: Phoenix-Award BIOS v6.00PG
    I have seen some mention, in various places, about the possibility that a BIOS will not support widescreen... I wonder if this applies to my computer... and, if so, is it possible to load an upgrade to the BIOS (I can find no upgrade at the eMachines site) or, is it possible to install an entirely new BIOS?

    This is by far the most complicated matter I have dealt with, in dealing with my computer. I can't afford to buy various cards to experiment with... I need to have at least some expectation of success, before I buy a graphics card. So far, all my research only raises new questions, and provides no answer...
  4. old-carl-old-computer said:

    If my RAM is DDR, do I need to have DDR on the graphics card, also?

    Nope :) it can be different.
  5. The Halo Don said:
    Nope :) it can be different.

    Good News! Thanks! I did not find many cards with DDR... :)
  6. That's not required. There are GDDR5 cards released these days along with DDR3 RAM sticks. So if you have DDR as RAM, then having a DDR2 GPU won't have any sorts of problem. Unless you're talking the other way around.
  7. I'm not sure about that BIOS part. I think it will support widescreen.
  8. Yes... I have DDR RAM... so, I was just concerned if there was an issue deciding which type of RAM might be on whatever graphics card I get.

    I hope my BIOS will support it... I see posts online about computers older than mine being able to. However, I have not yet seen any posts relevant to my specific motherboard, CPU, and BIOS... I'm hoping that when I add a graphics card, the BIOS will recognize the increased resolution capability...
  9. Don't worry too much. You just have to try it out now. We all learn from our experiences whether good or bad.
  10. True enough! I'm doing research on this, as I have time, over the next few weeks... then, I'll get what I believe represents the best option for my computer (out of what I find available)...

    If anyone has any actual experience with my particular motherboard, BIOS, and CPU, in regards to graphics cards, I'd like to hear from them! :)

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