Where's the #1 place online to get computer parts?

Where's the #1 place online to get computer parts? Cheap and high quality for building pc's.

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  1. There isn't one best place, check out and also
    Avoid the lowest few priced places unless they are ranked high at resellerratings. The cheapest places usually have poor customer support.
  2. I would have to say They're AWSOME!
  3. Agree, pricewatch will keep you up to date.

    Please visit <b><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></b>
  4. is the best kept secret around i think. Priceline got William Shatner, and pricewatch got the real deal. I also agree, watch for some of the ridiculously low priced merchants....also someone here recently made a big stink about id say avoid them if for no other reason than, there are plenty of other places-so one big huge complaint is good enough for me hehe.
    Axion was a place i found thru priceline, and theyve done fine by me.
    If yout thinkin of RAM, id definately say goto: AKA Micron. Youll see alot of places advertise Micron RAM, but that just means they are using the micron/crucial chips...lord only knows who soldered them on the fear is its some 16 yr old doing it in his garage. For RAM, you want reliability as well as price, crucial is the best on both id say.
    Otherwise, enjoy shopping thru pricewatch. Also to compare prices, you can always goto and see what the medium price is. They are better than your local Comp USA (well almost anything is) but there are often reputable stores with slightly better prices.
    Another place ive recently noted is They had some great prices on IBM 75 GXPs, and supposedly give an extra discount if you mention
    Enjoy shoppin around~! I am as well~!


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  5. check here for High End PC cases and serious ATX P/S. One fo best in this business!. I have been customers for 3 years in this company.

    Check the Review also at:
  6. I have had very good luck getting micron RAM from I swear I have no affiliation with this company. They are a very small company but there customer service is awsome.
  7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best sight on the internet... Well, when used in conjunction with cnet, pricescan, and pricewatch...
  8. is the greatest. Screw Cnet... pricewatch has a good vendor list and a new easy to navigate site design!
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