Should I upgrade my CPU?

Anybody know if the Phenom II X4 955 Black edition is still good? Here are my important specs:

Phenom II X4 955 BE
Sapphire HD 6950 2GB
700 W Powersupply
Gigabyte ma785 GT
16 gb GSkill RipJaw Ram
500 gb SATA II HD 7200 rpm

Problem is I'm getting bottlenecked somewhere. Every game says I should be able to play at Ultra settings, but I'm usually only getting 20-30 FPS, and I get some major slowdown sometimes. Metro 2033 and Space Marine slow down to around 10 fps at times, the sound will get extremely choppy and static-like, and it's really bothering me. Lowering graphics settings doesnt help, so it's not my GPU. I did notice my CPU temps get up to around 77 or 78 right now, which could be the case. I bought a new CPU fan that should drastically bring down temps, but not sure if that will solve my FPS problem.

The real question is could my CPU be causing the slowdown and FPS issues I'm seeing in games? Should I upgrade my CPU? I was thinking of an FX 6100 or just overclocking my current CPU like crazy once I install fan.

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  1. Well the CPU temps are a problem since the maximum temps for Phenom II are below 70. You're thermal throttling. Fix your system ASAP.
  2. FinneousPJ said:
    Well the CPU temps are a problem since the maximum temps for Phenom II are below 70. You're thermal throttling. Fix your system ASAP.

    What do you suggest? The liquid cooling that came with my comp is kind of garbage, so I bought a Scythe Mugen 3 CPU Cooler:

    It's supposed to be pretty decent and should bring my temps down. Anything else you recommend?
  3. yep your temps are causing the issue. make sure the cooler is fitted correctly with the correct amount of paste. the cooler is a very reasonable 1 so should be more than enough for that cpu.
    if you dont have good ventilation in your case that could also be increasing the cpu temps. the bad new is that the cpu is likey not the only part over heating if overall cas air flow is the issue.

    but first go into bios and load the optimized defaults to make sure all the voltages are set correctly. if none of the above work try a motherboard bios flash to the latest version and see if that help, as the cpu may be supported but it may have an update.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm not very computer savvy, but I think I can manage to try that bios stuff. A buddy of mine who is somewhat techy is gonna help me install the CPU cooler since I have a broken hand right now, so I think that should be ok.

    My case is indeed kind of shappy, I've been kind of leaving the side panel a little bit open to increase airflow, but not sure if that's a great idea. My powersupply seems to be getting pretty hot as well, but I assumed that was normal because its... well, the power supply. Here is what I have:

    Power Supply:
    700 Watts Power Supplies [+10] (XtremeGear SLI/CrossFireX Ready Power Supply)
    Seems kind of cheap.... Maybe that's worth an upgrade as well?

    Apex Vortex 3620 Mid-Tower Gaming Case
  5. That CPU is still fine by current standards, and your rig should play those games with no real issues. As already stated, it's the temperature that your CPU is reaching which is causing the issues. Correctly applying thermal paste and ensuring your CPU is seated correctly is the first thing to do...see how the PC responds to that and go from there. Download a temperature measuring utility like HWMonitor and a CPU-intensive program like Prime95 and run both, see what temps your CPU gets to after the cooler has been correctly fitted.

    As an aside, what brand is your PSU? 700W is fine, but make sure it's from a quality manufacturer (Corsair, Be Quiet!, Enermax etc). Generic (unbranded) PSUs are generally not very good, can be lethal for a system in that if they pop they can take other components with them, and also possibly unsafe in some instances. There's a review on Tom's of generic PSUs which had some startling results.
  6. XtremeGear is the brand. I bought my rig from and that is the one that came with it. Pretty sure its not great. Is that worth upgrading? I wouldnt think it would make a huge difference, but not sure.

  7. Got fan installed, also added another case fan, and it appears to be much better. Around 38-40 at idle now and 52-54 at full load.

    Still might want to upgrade power supply as that seems like it gets pretty hot.
  8. power supplies are important, more important than any other component in the PC because they have the ability to ruin an entire computer whereas other components failings tend to be isolated.

    I personally would stick to a solution that has been reviewed by

    They take PSUs apart, rate their efficiency at different loads and give an honest opinion. I am not affiliated with them in any way, but between them and Tomshardware, they are my most trusted review sites for this stuff.
  9. you can overclock your cpu to eliminate any bottlenecking.
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