2nd build, but really confused on selection

Hey guys, this is my 2nd build. I am looking to purchase the best ram, preferring 8gb sticks as I wnt 32gb for VM's I run. I am just stunned on what to get :(. I got told hyper x is the best 2x8gb, 4x8gb ram to get. I noticed there was this version, and the x16, but i am not sure what the x18 means on the model number. Here is a picture of my build. I have 1k power supply because I heard I needed it to run a gtx 660. So now, I am wondering what the power supply be good with my mobo. I choose this mobo because of the dual ethernet ports. I need it for vm's.

Tell me what to switch out. The mobo needs to have dual ethernet ports.
I am going for 32gb, but 16gb atm for a budget.
If you have a better computer case also, dont hesitate to mention to me. I just picked this one because of the reviews
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  1. I forgot to mention. I wanna buy a power battery supply, but they told me that the power supply needed to be continous or something like that. I saw a 750 w for 40.00 less, but I was scared it wouldnt power all my stuff. The power supply is right here, tell me if it would power my build, and a gtx 660.

    This one - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817182278
    And this one - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817182133

    Would these guys be ok if I had a power battery protector? I heard some power batteries need a certain features.
  2. Look at the thermal rating on these power supplies first one is 25c second one is 40c(better) Should be 50c rating. You have to be careful with active power factor correction power supplies and a UPS. UPS should have pure sine wave power not stepped or square wave, should contact UPS manufacture for compatibilty with active PFC power supplies.
  3. oh ok, so the higher the degrees the better your saying? and what about the ram?
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